Friday, April 9, 2010


We are told laughter is good for us. There are endorphins released that make us healthier when we laugh often and laugh hard. Exercise also does the same thing. We FEEL better after we exercise. So why don't we laugh more and exercise more? Lazy, apathetic, too busy, too something!

This past Monday (after Easter) I took my two little grand daughters to the Mall of America and we rode some of the rides that were age appropriate at the indoor amusement park. First of all, they didn't walk any where. They jumped in place like "jumping beans". I accused them of having had jumping beans for breakfast. That made them laugh even more. We all knew that we had been to Perkins for pancakes for them and a terrific Eggs Benedict with ham, spinach, poached egg and English muffin for me. Our breakfast was fantastic and they were super great at the restaurant. They always are such good girls when out with me. We get lots of compliments from others nearby. They make me proud and their parents too.

So the first ride they wanted to do was the log ride. We all three sit in the back of the log with no one in the front seat. We get less wet that way. LOL! There are two inclines, a one story and the second is about two stories. They were laughing and screaming all the way down. We had to"jump" across the whole amusement park over to the Ferris Wheel, but they love that and then the Merry-go-round. They did the balloon ride while I watched and then we did the Backyard Roller Coaster, which was enough for me. They raised their hands on the curves and laughed all the time. We finished with the log ride again, which is their favorite. At the end, they still were "jumping beans" and we settled down for a dish of ice cream dots in the rainbow flavor. This all took 4 hours. So I guess we got out exercise and laughter in for the day. They were were so well behaved and were great listeners the whole time. I would take them anywhere anytime again. It is fun making memories. Here are a few pictures of some of the activities. We finished up walking through what is left of the Leggo exhibit. They have dinosaurs and even babies hatching and it is all out of Leggos. They had a bi-plane, a motorcycle and some other large Leggo sculptures. They thought it was all pretty cool.

They had missed their naps but their parents were driving them back to WI in the evening, so having them tired for the drive home was OK. We so enjoy their trips to MN and appreciate the parents efforts to make the trip happen. Thanks Bill and Jodi, Emma, and Matti.