Wednesday, August 31, 2011


As you can read, I am a bit upset. I visited my dermatologist about a few spots on my skin. One turned out to be a small cyst which he removed. The other is on my nose and he has looked at it in the past and said it was nothing to worry about! Well, I felt it was growing and said I wanted it matter what it was! So he cut off a chunk and sent it to be tested and low and is a basal cell carcinoma! Now I need to go back and let him cut some more until he gets "clean" skin. Not sure how big it has become inside my skin. And I am not sure who will be trying to sew me up and make it look as good as possible. What I am most upset about is his cavalier attitude and almost non-interest in it for the past few years. Had he taken a piece last year, maybe we would have caught it sooner. Not sure how to feel about it and if I should go to a plastic surgeon to have them do the work of the removal and repair. I only have tomorrow to decide and call someone else if I decide to go that route. So there will be NO pictures or cards with this posting. I am just venting!

Sept 8,20011
I wrote the above and did not call the plastic surgeon to see what I should do. I decided just to go with the dermatologist and hope and pray it won"t look too crooked and ugly after he is done. I even made a joke about "listing to the left" because my nose will be bigger and heavier on that side. LOL

Surgery is in an hour, and I will write when I get back home.

It is early evening and I sit here writing with a BIG white bandage on my nose. It took them two tries to get it all and 2 1/2 hours all total. He was going to sew me up but I looked at it, and it is a "crater" 1/4inch deep and about 1/2inch across. It is really big looking and I told him I wanted a plastic surgeon to fix it. So they booked an appointment for me tomorrow. At least it is not hurting yet. Not sure what tomorrow will bring.

So guys and gals, if you see a spot of anything growing on your sure to get someone to check it out. You never know! I just hope my nose is decent looking when all is finished.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

3 X 3 and BOTTLE CAP

I did make a small Thank You and tried out the "quilling" craft, which is rolling thin 1/8th inch wide strips of paper into spirals, gluing them on the end to maintain the spiral, and then making something from multiple spirals. Archivers was demonstrating this technique and of course now I want to get the tools, the plastic template for the different sized circles, and some paper and glue to be able to add it to my cards. Lucky me Archivers has a coupon good for the next few days and I will be able to save 30% off of part of it. I love coupons!

The card has a textured blue base, 3x3. The white center is masked with a big Post-It note across the upper portion which is slightly larger than the lower. I stamped the dots using Pumice Stone Distressed Ink from Tim Holtz. Then I reversed the masking and covered up the bottom and stamped the tree branches with a Hero Arts stamp using black. They had a thin strip of paper with adhesive on it and I covered up the line between with this slightly darker blue paper piece.

To quill, you stick the end of the paper strip into the slot on the end of the tool, and holding with the thumb and fore finger of the left hand, roll the tool in a circle (rotating the right hand) until all the paper is rolled. Then you slip it off into the size of circle you want it to be, stick a dab of glue under the end and let it dry a few seconds. The bird body was made from a slightly longer in length strip than the head strip. When both are made, glued and dry, you pinch the larger one to create the tail, rub some glue on the underneath edges and place on the card. The head is glued the same and a small piece of yellow is folded in half to create the beak and glued on. Thanks was stamped in black over the dots. It really is not difficult if I can do it with one and a half arms. Pretty simple card and the quilling is easy to do.

The bottle cap is metal, and you stamp a desired image on CS, punch out with a circle punch, use the tool that encloses the stamped circle and covers it with a plastic disc which snaps together and it is pop dotted into the bottle cap. Because of the heighth of the counter and my recent shoulder surgery, I did not honestly have enough strength to push down on the tool to snap it all together. So the demonstrator had to do that part for me. But it is made and a ring added to the edge to hang from a ribbon on a card. I realized after it was done that I should have centered the image with one bird instead of trying to get all three in it. Oh well, this is not something I think I will ever repeat, but it was a learning experience and free. Archivers has been having a free project every week this month and I missed the one at the beginning of the month. This week is using the Sew Easy tool for perforating the card stock and then doing a little embroidery on it. We will see if I can make it go in a straight line since it is a "wheel" and I can see mine going all over the place. LOL

Since writing the first paragraph, I have used the Archivers coupon and bought the template for the cirles, some thin paper, and a package of two tools to do the quilling. I also bought five small books off of Amazon with many ideas for me to use to add quilling to my cards. They have patterns and one included some brightly colored paper strips, glue, googly eyes and a tool. I will be practicing the next 2 weeks and hopefully get some cards done using this new technique.

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I have not made any cards since my surgery four weeks ago,and I thought you might like to check out the antics of our three cats.

Mari, our "ewes not fat, ewes fluffy" cat, likes to sleep in the card board box with all the cat toys. She is about 16 lbs and takes up 2/3rds of the box. Because I sleep in my recliner half the night (for a variety of reasons), I am aware of the cats and they often sleep near me. Mari also likes her cat bed too in the afternoon, but I think she gets too warm. I am taking the cat food up and trying to train them all to eat at meal times only and not snack all night. I am hoping Mari will loose a little. Jack tends to throw up at night when his tummy is empty and he tries to eat a little. There has to be a good solution somewhere.

Jack will usually be on the loveseat about 2 ft away sometime during the night, Mari will be in the toy box or sometimes on the back of the loveseat, and Luci likes my lap. She is our "heat seeker". In Oshkosh, she will get up on the back of the couch under the goose neck lamp. Her newest place is on top of my laptop on the kitchen counter. It too is nice and warm since I leave it plugged in all the time. Jack will often get up on the chair next to me as I type on the laptop, or he likes the top of the stair landing. He also likes the top level of our cat tower over in WI, so he is our height seeker. Amazing how different they all are.

Sunday, August 14, 2011



I survived the shoulder implant! I have a new man-made shoulder joint and I am almost pain/discomfort free! Woohoo! It is worth it all, believe me. I have spent the better part of the last two years not being able to lift my arm above the bust line. I have had to wash my hair using only the left hand/arm and even now, the left is screaming at me when I wash my hair. So #3 implant will be in the future for me. I begin out-patient therapy for the right shoulder this week and believe I will regain my range-of-motion and the use of this arm above my bust. I have a positive attitude and God seems to have blessed me with a strong body that can handle the surgeries (I do help by eating lots of good foods.) This is so much better than what so many people have to deal with in their later years.

Being in the Nursing Home/Care Center for 11 days was a reminder that I am truly blessed. So there will be no cards posted yet. I am not sure when my shoulder can crank the old Cuttlebug and such. I am just taking it one day at-a-time.

God bless you and thanks for stopping by.