Monday, October 27, 2008


NO, I am not back in school in the formal sense although I have been told that I am teachable ( by my Pastor and a few others). No, I am actually helping teach a stamping class. I had the idea for reaching out to the retired people who live in the condo building next door to our church. We have wanted to make contact with them for over a year now and making cards, and other related stamping crafts seems to be a good idea. The two buildings have had their first class (8 ladies from the first building and 13 from the second.

I took a Martha Stewart fir branch punch and punched out 20+ branches per each person. We used these branches to create a wreath, added a red bow and red "Stickels glitter glue berries that sparkle and we stamped the little word "JOY". They were quite pleased with the outcome. We also made three tags, one with punched snow flakes, that are glittered and mounted on light blue snow flake paper mounted on white card stock with dimensional adhesives to raise them up. Some stamped "To:" and "From:" in black ink. The other two are two different papers of a holly design mounted on white card stock but have a scalloped red or burgundy circle wih the word "merry" in script. The corners were cut with a punch on the light colored one and left square on the dark one. A little Stickels glitter glue was added to the scalloped circle which is a Stampin Up punch.

I worked three days getting ready for these projects and they WERE well received because they said it was lots of fun and asked for more classes and some asked questions about our church schedule and our craft day twice a month. So we are doing a second class in Dec and probably next year too. The Pastors wife will do the ones when I am gone to WI for a month at-a-time. She has been so helpful providing rulers, pencils, scissors, colored pencils and stamps and some other equipment that was necessary. We are brain storming ideas together for the classes and welcome any suggestions. We are so excited to meet these new neighbors and happy to share something we love with them (stamping), hoping to share the greatest gift of all, our Savior, Jesus.

A quick note about the grand daughters, my favorite topic. I was able to go with son Bill, Jodi and the girls to the Little Farmer pumpkin/apple farm. We arrived mid afternoon, took a hay ride, saw farm animals, played in the hay bale maze and playground (those big tricycles are so much fun for them). As we waited in line for a caramel apple, my son hefted Emma up on his shoulders which is pretty high up there (he is 6' 5"). I took this picture of Emma wearing his hat. The picture of Matti is from her perch on Jodi's shoulders. Every outing with them is a blessing to me. God is so good in all that He provides for us.

November is just around the corner. The leaves have turned and we definitly had frost on our MN pumpkins last night. Thanksgiving is everyday for me and the beginning of my worship. I am so "thankful" for my relationship with such a loving God, my family, and friends. I will claim Him as my Savior until my last breath.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Wow, how quickly the summer passed and now Sept is just a memory. Bill and I were able to finally sell our RV (barely able to pay off the loan but at least we are free.) I will particularly miss traveling in it each fall, visiting my family in TX on our way down to Mission and back home to Minnesota in the spring. We did that for the last 11 years and made wonderful new frriends along the way. And this winter we will be traveling between MN and WI a month-at-a-time. So a new change in our retirement plan. I dug out my sweaters and heavy coat getting ready for it.

My step-father, Granval Turner, passed away from cancer Sept 7th at home in his own bed. That was his wish and it was a blessing that he went suddenly even though it was expected. He was 91 and would have been 92 Oct 26th. I flew down and spent 2 weeks with my mom just keeping her company. She said the loneliness is the hardest part. She is doing very well and is learning some new skills at 87 years old. She has not paid the bills in their years together so is doing that new job. She doesn't have much family there, but has a big support group of neighbors and aquaintances, so I am not sure what she will decide to do. I pray she will be able to make new friendships and be willing to call the senior center and maybe join in some of their activities. Also I pray that God will protect her and other drivers when she is on the road.

We are in Wisconsin visiting our son, Bill II and his family. We are thankful for the condo so we can be comfortable. They came over Tuesday and had supper with us. The picture is of Emma and Madison in their new "princess" play dresses and "high" heels. They think they really are princesses and are fun to watch as they learn and grow. Emma is 3 1/2 and getting to experience gymnastics and swimming lessons. Madison will be old enough next year (she is only 2 1/2 and is handling the wait pretty well.) Youth is so sweet as we watch the changes happen so quickly.

Guess change is on everyone's adgenda...from lifestyle changes, to the end of life and the beginning and bloom of the young. Someone said "Change is enevitable" and I learned at Weight Watchers 10 years ago "If nothing changes, nothing changes!" What king of changes are in your future?