Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Hello my few faithful friends! I know, I know! I have not written on my blog for EVER it seems like. It has been so long I almost did not remember my password! But I am still here, or at least most of me is. Jan 4th I had my left shoulder replaced and WHOOPEE! I am pain free! I can not begin to tell you how good that condition feels. I am three weeks after and have one more week to wear the "sling". I am supposed to wear it 24/7 but I keep the arm propped on a little pillow when sitting in my recliner and that gives me a break. I also sleep without it a lot but I am not a wiggler and there isn't much room to wiggle in my chair anyway. Friday I begin therapy once per week and that will help me progress quickly. I have 90/95 % of my right shoulder range-of-motion back, although I am not supposed to lift heavy things. I hope to go to the YMCA and strengthen all my muscles as best I ca later. I am beginning to have occasional pain twinges from the left hip and knees. But I am hoping they hold off a long time so I can just live without pain, surgery and nursing homes on my plate.

Bill is my Knight in shining armor helping do the vacuuming, laundry, and emptying the dishwasher. He also helps with the kitty litter and lifts pans full of water etc. We work together for meal prep when needed. Love him to pieces!Thanks !

My incision must be healing because it itches right now under the steri strips. But I am OK with that since it is so much better than pain. I only had pain meds for the first 6 days and have had nothing since! That is a blessing for sure!

Attended a Valentine Showcase which was offered free by my local Archivers on Monday.We had 3 inches of new snow in the early morning hours and I was the only one of four who showed up. I was able to get to know the demonstrator and learned she also is a Christian, a pastors wife and has a house cleaning business. I wrote her name and number down for future use. LOL!

Of course I had to get a few of the sweet stamps that were used and most everything I bought was geared to Valentines and spring cards. Hopefully I can get some finished and posted before the 14th.

Hope all is well with you. Thanks for remembering me and stopping by.