Friday, November 21, 2008


Being the owners of three cats (by choice) has its ups and downs. The different personalities are so evident. How can God make them so unique and yet so alike? Makes me wonder about the whole of the human species and how different we each are (looks, personality, feelings, God-given talents and abilities, character, etc ) and yet we are still people and have so much that is alike. I will not presume to be able to list our alikeness or our differences. It just is something to ponder and realize it is all by God's created design for the whole of our lives and world.

Recently, someone mentioned that we (as a whole) tend to see only those things we want to see, that are in our comfort zone, what we are used to and that are in our list of the desireable. We are guilty of turning our nose up at others who are different and don't quite fit into our ideas of everything. We turn our nose up at new experiences and opportunities too. All of this to say, we don't know how GOD is working in us and what blessings HE has prepared for us if we would just be open to something that is new, to people that are different, to experiences that stretch us mentally, physically, emotionally and Spiritually. We must learn to be more flexible and to follow HIS leading and not our own understanding. We MUST be in HIS WORD to gain HIS direction for our lives or we are doomed for failure because we are acting on what we know. My special prayer is that I can make this a reality for myself and my life, that I may proove to be HIS workman and bear fruit for HIS Kingdom for which we all were created.

The card is one I made for my sisters birthday (Nov 12th). My roses were a little farther to the left than I wanted but I honestly didn't have time to make another. Because Gloria likes yellow roses, I colored them a bright yellow and they looked too plain. So I tried to add peachy edges and the marker turned out too orange. I hated the orange, so tried to add some color over and decided it was almost electric looking. Not wanting to give up ( or give in, which is one of my characteristics) I took bleach straight from the bottle on the corner of a paper towel and patted the rose areas. Well, it did take out the orange and almost all the color. It left a soft yellow and after that dried, I took some Stampin Up Watercolor Wonders in yellow, then a soft orange and added some definition to the petals and was much happier sending it off belatedly. The picture may not be the clearest. My digital camera is being repaired and this picture was taken with the new camera which I am not sure I want to keep. It is much smaller than my one I am used to using.

I didn't forget...the cats...Mari still hisses at Jack but not as much as she used to. She had the spot on her eyebrow removed and has recovered. It was cancer and we are praying she never gets another. At $600, it was an expensive "spot removal". Luci has lost a little weight and has an allergy to something, so is on meds and fish oil. Jack is just Jack. He is still very sweet and energetic and playful. He was bugging Luci the other night so I shut the bed room door with him in the kitchen, fell asleep and he was not able to come into the bedroom all night. He has been good since. : ) They occasionally all three sleep on our bed about 2 feet apart for their afternoon nap. So things are looking up for having three cats.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


One of the special times in my life is the anticipation of visiting family. This year we will have 6 adults and two children for our Thanksgiving meal. Beth is coming from Waco for a week. Her boyfriend, Sujan, is coming on Weds from Knoxville, TN and Bill, Jodi and the two grand daughters will be coming from Oshkosh, WI late Tuesday. Our home only has three bedrooms so some adjustments for sleeping will need to be made. Beth said she will camp out in the living room.

We are getting some things cleaned out and cleaned up that needed to be done for some time. Nothing like the pressure of visitors to make an old lady move faster.

My digital camera is in for repairs so we will hope it arrives back in time for the photos on Turkey day and during the week.

May you be blessed on Thanksgiving and all year.

Friday, November 7, 2008


Today being November 7th, I awoke to the spectacular image of white all over everything. Our first SNOW (although just a dusting), wet and clinging to branches and blades of grasses like the sugar crystals do to string when you make rock candy. It truly was fabulous to watch. Our temps are still warm enough that the streets and blacktop driveways are not accumulating anything, but all the lawns and roof tops and trees, etc are WHITE. Here are a couple of images in my yard for you to enjoy.

I went to Archivers Scrap Booking and Stamping store after taking the snow pictures. They are having a "Stuff Your Stocking" Extravaganza for 7 weeks, with a free coupon booklet for the first 50 people, and free Make and Take card and tag (mine are pictured here). Of course they want you to buy lots and lots with which to "stuff your stocking". I put my name in for a $250 gift certificate. You can add your name once a day, and there will be a drawing each week for free product of some kind and the gift certificate. So 49 chances to win if I put my name in each day. I know I won't get there everyday. but I'm keeping my fingers crossed and my eyes too, if it will help.LOL! Happy, happy winter! I just love Minnesota!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


As I look out the big picture window on our backyard, I see a myriad of color...from every shade of brown and tan, to brillant yellows, reds, burgundy, orange and a variety of greens still. Of course the ever greens will forever be green, but some other trees and shrubs still have green in their leaves until it is freezing or lower and then they will give up trying to grow. How marvelous God's creation is to study. HE was so clever in His divine design to give us these beautiful "jewels" to enjoy in Autumn. Every season has its "jewels" if we just open our eyes, our hearts and souls to the beauty of His creation. How anyone can believe the lie that we evolved from some kind of mucky rock slime beats me!

I am reminded with every falling leaf ( and believe back yard is covered with them!) that winter is just around the corner here in Minnesota. In fact, we are supposed to have a significant snow fall on Friday. YIKES, so soon! Can't we have autumn a little longer so I can finish my outdoor winter yard prep?

Last weekend the grand daughters and their parents came for 5 days and we went to the Mall of America for Trick or Treating. Talk about marathon walking! Wore this old mamaw's legs out trying to keep up with everyone. Here is a nice picture of them with their mother in the front yard and in their costumes. We even made homemade pizza just their size and they got to decorate their own with pepperoni in a Happy Face on top. Pretty cool activity . They love being in the kitchen.

My big event will be Thanksgiving this year, We will have 4 additional adults and the two grand daughters here for several days, so major cleaning and prep to do over the next 2 1/2 weeks. I hope to do some baking prior and freeze a couple of pies, some pecan tarts, and maybe the green bean casserole too. I want to enjoy the family all together. It doesn't happen often and it is always a blessing. God is so good.