Wednesday, October 28, 2009


My card for this challenge (from a few weeks ago and I don't even remember who's challenge it was) is a simple black and white with red as an accent. I used a solid fleur de lis stamp by Hampton Arts, stamped in versa mark and sprinkled with red tinsel embossing powder. I then took a clear stamp set of fleur de lis that has three different fleurs and each is in three different sizes. It came from Hobby Lobby and was a bargain for sure. Using Momento ink, I stamped different fleurs around making my own black and white CS. I used the SU ticket punch on the corners of this CS and matted in black only but I made it almost 1/4" wide. I added the shiny flat dots at the corners (but they don't show up! Grrr) I stamped "You're the best" with a red tinsel line under "best" and matted in black and popped it up. I didn't use any ribbons, or other embellishments or multi layers of matting because I wanted to keep it simple. LESS IS MORE (and cheaper too!) Inside it says "When I count my blessings, I count you twice" and it is from Stampabilities 2004. Hope you enjoy it. Thanks for stopping by.


Because our lives are hurried most days, it is good to relax and have down time, when we let go of our worries, cares, and responsibilities. Trying to find time is often difficult. Finding TAG time (Time Alone with God) is a struggle, too. We hear of those really good Christians who get up early to pray and read the Word to "set the sails for their day". This would be ideal as this act of faith bathes the whole day with the Spirit. We are fresh and rested and our hearts can "hear" the leading of the Holy Spirit better than when we are at the end of our day and maybe at the end of our rope. Our worries weigh us down more in the evening, and it is harder to muster up the Hope we have in Jesus. When we give Him the "leftovers" of our time, and maybe none at all, we are robbing Him of our friendship and we rob ourselves of His presence. We are not offering Him the "first fruits" of our time. We would get up early to get the kids to school, to make a flight, to go shopping the day after Thanksgiving, etc. Yet having a sustained intimate relationship with our Lord is so hard for us to accomplish. I struggle with it and I know others do too. "I know to do right and doeth it not."

We are called to "rest in Jesus" which gives us peace as only He can give. So I encourage all to find/make time to be with the Creator, the one who sustains us, provides for us, and who loves us more than we will ever know or understand.

My little card is a Penny Black Hedgie stamp. (I apologize for the out-of-focus image. I will try to redo that!) I painted this one using my Twinkling H2O's. In side it says "Have a wonderful day!" and that is my prayer for you, that you be blessed by God.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


YIKES! Little did I know that to do a blog, I would need to learn a "foreign" language! I know what I want to do and how I want my blog to look, operate, etc but I can't seem to put it into words my DH can understand to be able to accomplish my goals. He is my computer expert and learns how "to do" in order to teach me. He is easily frustrated when I don't describe what I want in language he can understand. : ) I know I should be the one doing the doing, but I am technically/mechanically challenged and when taught, need to do it a few times before I "know how" and if I don't keep doing it on a regular basis, I forget a little. Well, OK, a lot! Lately it seems I have done nothing but learn about how to work on my blog and I NEED to get back to creating cards which is a lot more fun anyway. Anyone out there have similar difficulties?

Monday, October 19, 2009


We all are on our own personal "treadmill of life". We make choices that impact our future choices and the direction our life will take. THIS is a very scary thought for the young if they were smart enough TO EVEN THINK ABOUT IT! (And some are.) But most just go through their lives making choices and never consider what the future will bring them BECAUSE of their choices. Recently I have met some young girls who have had several children but the fathers have not stayed around. The young mothers are trying to do the best they can but have little life experience or education/training to be able to earn a living or to raise their kids. They still are in the process of learning who they are as women and often make immature decisions and are reckless. They don't understand how necessary personal discipline is to us all and they have made messes out of their days with no end in sight for the future. No wonder teen and young adult suicides are at or near the top of the list. Most do not know Jesus personally to have a hope in Him and what He can do in their lives.

Where are their parents? Where are the adults who help mentor and guide them spiritually, physically, emotionally? Have we fallen so far away from being good parents to our children as God intended us to be? Did we miss out on providing them with strong morals and character so that when they do make a few bad decisions, their whole life isn't ruined in the process, and perpetuated into the future in their childrens lives?

I believe everyday IS a new beginning for each one of us. We can choose to be different and choose goals that will move us in a better direction than where we have been. We don't have to wallow in our messes. Our HOPE is in the Lord Jesus and He alone can cleanse us, help us find a new direction and help us to become the person He intended when we were created. How wonderful to know He is always there, always able, and always truthful in what His Word tells us to do. No one comes to the Father but through Jesus. He will never let us down and He is forever our friend! What a blessing to know Him no matter what condition we find ourselves. We are to be "imitators of God". Ephesians 5


We are back in Oshkosh at our condo and had the grand daughters for a day-and-a-half Sat-Sun. A good time was had by all and I sleep like a rock after catching up. A WIN-WIN situation as I see it. I like to keep occupied. Of course I didn't do much stamping, but we had a super time out at Perkins (Pancakes for supper is always fun anytime!), and we watched a couple of Disney movies and went to Sunday School and church on Sunday. When their mom and dad (our son) came to pick them up, we all had a big bowl of home made chicken noodle soup which warmed our tummies, some sides and pumpkin pie for dessert. Here is a picture of our two grand daughters dressed up in their princess dresses playing on our two small, kid friendly netbook computers. We have a Winnie the Pooh soft ware on there and they both can practice their numbers and do the shapes and games. I guess you could call it our Princess Computer Cafe. LOL! They sure have fun learning and it is a joy to see what they can do. Emma at 4 1/2 years is the most comfortable but Matti (3 1/2 years)likes the games and is learning too. Can you imagine how comfortable they will be with computers and the technology of the future. It blows this old lady away just thinking about it.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


My card is a House Mouse fall image. These little critters are having so much fun and I thought it would make a great birthday card. I colored the image with SU markers (I don't have Copics YET!)I mounted the image a little off center on purpose. I used Umber and red CS for mounting. I fussy-cut the top row of mice out because I didn't like the look of white sky. I am not sure I like the red "sky" but it is as it is.

I used three colors of embossing powder on the leaves ( Zing copper glitter finish, red Embossing Tinsel, and Goddess Gold Embossing powder by Antique Gold) I also embossed the little word "Celebrate" in the red. The sparkle of the embossing powder does not show up in the picture as well as in real life. I wrapped a piece of orange/red (it has two colors) sheer ribbon around before mounting and tied a bow. I added a shiny gold leaf brad to the saying and popped it up by the bow. Inside I stamped "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" in red using a wood mounted stamp but it has no name at all on it. So I have no clue.

The mice are coated with Fun Flocking in brown and feel so real. I guess that is why I have such a huge collection of House Mouse stamps. Their antics are so cute and make me smile every time I see them. I brought over some Christmas-themed House Mouse stamps with me this trip to the condo, so be looking for some of them in the next few months.

Monday, October 12, 2009


God provides us "wonders" to behold every day if we would just open our eyes, ears, hearts and lives to Him.

Today HE sent a beautiful, fresh, clean white blanket of snow to cover our area! HOW ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS it is! I just love it!

Many view "snow" as a horrible substance that they can not deal with and so they live south somewhere or if they can't move, they grumble and murmur a lot. I wonder if they "embrace" their days with the same negative attitude.

Today I was told by a medical professional that I project happiness and joy, that I smile a lot and he asked the reason for my happiness. I told him that I feel happy inside. I shared that I am a Christian and knowing Jesus gives me joy and a security that is found no where else.

I don't claim to have all the answers, or have a perfect life...far from it!. But I know that I KNOW that I KNOW my creator and that HE alone has saved me and has washed me white as snow and forgiven my sins. AND I wouldn't trade what I have with HIM for anything in this world. Thank you Lord for the wonders you provide everyday to enrich our lives and to confirm your presence.

Friday, October 9, 2009


I have been hearing about Copic markers for about a year or so. My friend Barbara Hardeman was the first who shared what they were. And as I have added more and more blogs, Copics are just about the "only" marker used by most card makers and they always get rave reviews. I was not even sure where to get them because my local craft stores did not carry them until recently. I have learned that they were considered an "artist medium" and mainly used by animators and sold in "art stores" until they crossed over into crafts. They are pricey for one marker, running $6.50-6.95 each and there are (at this time) 325 colors. Some of those shades are greys (which can have blue undertones, pink undertones, green undertones and so on.) Greys are very important when trying to color an object and create shape on a flat surface. Copic markers are able to do that using the many shades of a color plus the greys for shadows. The image literally jumps off the page because it looks like the real thing, with reflected light.

So being the cautious "informed" shopper that I am (LOL), I took a class called Christmas Copics at my Apple Valley Archivers craft store. They just added the Copics to their shelves. I had a blast as usual and made four cards as usual, with three using the Copics. Copics are alcohol based and so will bleed through on the usual card stock. You need a light "hand" coloring with them and a heavy or different CS. The ink you stamp the image with needs to be of a certain type so that the markers don't run or you can "dry" your inked image using a heat gun, which is what we did. Some gals use Gina K card stock or Cryogen White from Eclectic Papery which doesn't bleed (I am told). Most gals use Momento ink with the Copics.

What I like about them is that they are guaranteed for three years, they have two tips which are replaceable, they can be reinked when needed if you buy the refills, and they color beautifully, and can be blended using the clear blender pen. The alcohol ink stays wet long enough when you put it on the card stock to be able to blend one color with another! One gal at the class said, "They spread like "buttah"!

They are sold in sets of 12, 36, 72 ( and maybe other combinations such as color groups, or seasonal groups, etc.), there are several kinds of Copic styles. I have found them as cheap as $4.89 each when you buy a set or more on line and usually have free shipping then too.

So someday, I hope to add these wonderful art "tools" to my equipment. I am planning how to store them so that they can be used easily. Each marker has a colored end to the cap, showing the shade and a number to identify the color. With so many, that will come in handy. The photos are of the three cards I made in class using the Copics and I hope my Santa makes you laugh! Enjoy


What if we lived in a black and white world, devoid of color, and the variations color and light cause? DH said there is a good explanation of color or caloure in Wikipedia and I won't go into all of it. Please read it, as it is amazing how our eyes work and are able to see light frequencies and all of it works together to produce the phenomenon called "COLOR" that enriches every moment of everyday for those who have eyesight.

I am challenged to look around me at what all God has provided me to see daily. The beginning of our personal worship of our creator is having an attitude of "thanksgiving" continually. As I have seen the beauty in the changing leaf colors, it amazes me what a little cold temps can do to change the color of leaves over night almost. Autumn is an amazing time. Thank you Lord for the beauty you provide us to enrich everyday, for our amazing eyesight which does so much for our day and allows us to "see" what you are doing in the physical world. We are blessed beyond measure!

Monday, October 5, 2009


Hey, all you card makers. Here is a wonderful collection of some really nice BLOG Candy found at this address HERE.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


I know it is trite, but it IS true...Life is what happens when we are expecting something else.

My pastor and his wife's oldest daughter, her husband and family had an unexpected passing of their 4th child ( 6th grand child). She was a full term still born delivery due to a cord problem. I felt so much sympathy for them as we also experienced a still birth at 5 1/2 months gestation of our first child 39 years ago. There are probably many others who have had similar experiences. We expect a living healthy baby, but God is the potter and we are the clay. Our children are his creation as are we. When things happen like this, we must look for the lesson He may be teaching us, for the change of direction in our life, for the difference we might make in another's life for having gone through such sad times. All things are meant for His Glory.

My sympathy card for them uses bright and cheerful colors. I used a Bazzill CS called Hopi, and then a little check paper from a pad called Itty Bitty Pads backgrounds in primary colors by Provo Craft. (A Michaels purchase a few years back.) The peach loop lace is a generic paper scrap punched with Martha Stewarts new loop punch. I ran a sheer white ribbon down the center if it, but did not put a bow as I thought it would look too "celebratory." The sympathy sentiment is from Paper Inspirations 2005, and is stamped with SU Really Rust on white generic CS, matted with Hopi and Saltillo rust Bazzill scraps. I punched all corners with my Creative Memories scalloped corner punch. I pop dotted the matted sentiment up as well as the little Hampton Art butterfly which I had stamped using the SU Really Rust and Summer Sun. I cut it out and raised the wings with small dimensional dots and added an orange jewel for the butterfly's head and added Glossy Accents to the wings.

I hope my sympathy card inspires you to reach out to someone in your life. There are lots of hurting people all around us if we but open our eyes and hearts. We are called to be ministers of His love and care.

Saturday, October 3, 2009


(OOPS! I did this card thinking it was for C4C3 and it is for the C4C4 Challenge using Cindy Haffners layout. So mine will be out of order for a little while but HEY, I am just learning! Maybe my DH can help me figure out how to move it when I get C4C3 finished and posted. We figured it out and it is NOW in the right order. )

For C4C4, I decided to do something with leaves and fall colors. I went to my local JoAnns and Archivers and found two different papers with leaf prints. I picked the brighter one with yellows, reds, and orange.

My base card is white, with chocolate as my first mat. (I have to admit here that I am not a lover of brown...I don't wear it and don't use the color in my art very often. But this is the third card in a row where I have used brown and they all seem to require brown as a mat. So guess who has to go back to the store for more brown CS? : ) I then added a layer of Bazzill Imperial yellow that has a rough woven texture and used my corner rounder on the upper right corner only of the brown and yellow.

I took the leaf paper which was cut to fit over the mats and I tore off the upper right section, using the leaves as my line so that they would look natural and like they had just fallen onto the card. Because I always make two cards using the same design (one to keep and one to give), I realized with the second card the "hole" left when I tore away part of the leaves would be different from card to card. But they both are acceptable and I proceeded. I adhered the brown mat, the yellow mat and leaves to the base and then added a narrow strip of the Bazzill woven CS in a color called Roasted Pepper. (LOL, reading the names of the colors sometimes makes me hungry!) I used my Cropodile to punch a hole through the strip and other layers and added a brad from the new Basic Grey Indian Summer collection. It is a nice deep rust color. I had saved the torn out leaves and you may not see it too well but adhered them in the lower right corner. I took a little artistic liberty instead of making it square like the sketch from Cindy Haffner. With everything adhered to the base, I felt it needed something, and pulled out some fall colored eyelash yarn from Cello called Sensations that I picked up at Wal-Mart when they were cleaning house and discontinuing a bunch of craft items.

The saying is part of a stamp from Hero Arts and stamped in Momento black. I did not use the small leaves that were above and below the words on the stamp as I felt it detracted from the whole. The line near the saying is a stray fiber from the yarn. I didn't see it when I took the photo and I apologize for my camera skills. They are minimal at best. I have included a picture of my second card also so that you can see the subtle difference between. I believe in keeping cards simple, using the "negative space" design element to advantage and letting the paper give "direction" for what goes with it. I was a school teacher and did a lot of bulletin boards and posters in my day, and I feel leading the eye to the message or image is what my cards are trying to accomplish, not cluttering the card up so much that the eye doesn't know where to look first. I guess you can call this my "philosophy" of design.

Come along and see what you can do with this layout. Enjoy!


SHEESH! I am such a turtle in getting my cards made! I have worked on this one card ALL week. No, I don't work outside the home, and NO I don't have a bunch of progeny to care for all day (unless you consider my three cats and DH as progeny.) I am a 67 yr old ROMP ( retired, old, married, person ) and I just made that up! LOL

My card for C4C3 evolved from the NEW and WONDERFUL Basic Grey Indian Summer CS. I love all the prints and decided to use the Autumn Glaze print. I remembered a background stamp I had purchased a few years ago from SU called Leafy Glade and the leaves in it looked similar to the CS and also a Martha Stewart leaf spray punch I used to punch the brown leaves. I had to go to my local Archivers and find the right shade of golden yellow CS to do the embossing with Zing Copper glitter Ep. For matting and solid CS, I used a Bazill brown, rust (Saltillo), and golden yellow called Peanut Butter (Honest!) I added a length of sheer orange/red ribbon vertically and put the three golden jewels in the upper right corner. I just didn't like them under the sentiment.

The sentiment is from SU called Strength and Refuge. I only stamped the first two words in SU chocolate chip ink on my little home made tag in rust. The rust CS had a woven texture but the "God is..." stamped clearly. I added the brown leaves and the golden yellow paper flowers from Michaels. Inside I finished the sentiment which is a Scripture from Psalms 46:1,2. The card base might have been better if I had used a cream CS. but I softened the edges with Tsukinekos "Wheat' Dew Drop ink.

Thanks Cindy for wonderful layouts for these first four. I will try my best to keep up now that I have caught up (almost!) These four have all included brown in some way and I am stretching my artistic experiences. I almost never use brown, or wear it. So this is a "Good thing", right!