Monday, October 21, 2013


Hello family and friends,

This is my first post since Jan 2012. Yikes, where has the time gone. I have communicated with most of you in other ways. My  poor old lap top  has been neglected for 5 months and not even plugged in during that time. My only excuse is that I have had more surgeries since then, 9 within the last three years, That is a lot for any old person my age. But I am relatively pain free, and able to function fairly normally, although I am not and never had been a runner LOL Just ask the coach of the neighborhood ladies soft ball team I was on years ago.

This summer began with my left knee replacement, which turned out well and I have 98% range of motion which is really good. The 12 days in rehab and the 12 weeks after going to rehab once a week really worked in my favor. I am the poster child for joint replacements!Then we went through  Bill's prostate cancer in July with it being contained and removed, and I had breast cancer found in Aug and removed and not spread anywhere.  I will need to take Tamoxifen to keep it from developing at another location in the breast. Mine was called ductal carcinoma in situ and in women my age is considered non invasive when removed. They give the med if a  woman has the DNA hormone receptors and I do, It will block hormones from causing this again. So I am a survivor and count each day a blessing.

I will try to post a card soon. Thanks for your patience and for stopping by.

God bless you all! Martha

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